Participant Change of Address

We want to stay connected!

It’s important we are able to stay in contact with you regarding your pension from the moment your employer first contributes to our plan on your behalf, throughout your entire career in the industry and into your retirement years. This remains true even if you leave covered employment.

If you move, please submit a change of address form to the Fund office by completing the form below:

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UA National Pension Fund Fund History

UA National Pension Fund Fund History

Established in 1968, the United Association National Pension Fund (UANPF) provides secure and safe retirement benefits for hard working members represented by the United Association. As a multiemployer pension fund, employers make contributions on behalf of their employees, which provides defined retirement benefits for all members. As one of the largest multiemployer pension plans in the country, the UANPF offers members the ability to look forward to building a financially stable retirement plan for themselves and their families.