UA National Pension Fund Leadership

Established in 1968, the United Association National Pension Fund (UANPF) provides secure and safe retirement benefits for hard working members represented by the United Association.

As a multiemployer pension fund, employers make contributions on behalf of their employees, which provides defined retirement benefits for all members. The multiemployer pension fund is a collectively bargained plan funded by a Taft-Hartley trust fund.

As one of the largest multiemployer pension plans in the country, the UANPF offers participants the ability to look forward to a financially stable retirement for themselves and their families.

The United Association National Pension Fund has more than 105 staff members that are led by a dynamic group of professionals. These leaders are committed to the future of the UANPF and ensuring the Fund office not only meets its participants’ needs but exceeds their expectations.

Toni C. Inscoe

United Association
National Pension Fund
103 Oronoco Street Alexandria, VA 22314

UANPF Administrator Toni Inscoe has spent over 23 dedicated years with the United Association National Pension Fund. Prior to being appointed Fund Administrator in January 2017, she held various leadership and benefit administration roles within the Fund office, specializing in New Participation, Fund Mergers and Reciprocity.

In addition to her position as Fund Administrator, Toni is also an advisor to the United Association Reciprocity Committee, serves as a member of both the Steering Committee and Working Committee for the National Coordinating Committee of Multi-Employer Plans (NCCMP) and is the Chief Executive Officer of Reciprocity Administrative Services, Inc. (RASI). She is also a member of the Women in Pensions Network (WIPN).

Toni is a lifelong resident of Southern Maryland where she lives with her husband and 3 children.

Eric Boyce

Assistant Administrator
United Association
National Pension Fund
103 Oronoco Street Alexandria, VA 22314

UANPF Assistant Fund Administrator Eric Boyce was initiated into UA Local 14 in New Jersey in 1979. Eric served Local 14 as Fund Administrator, as well being elected to three terms as a Business Agent and two terms as Business Manager.

Upon the consolidation of UA Locals 24 and 14, Eric became the Business Manager of Local 24 and served in that capacity for eight years before joining the UANPF in his current position in 2016.

Brother Boyce served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Local 14 and 24 Trust Funds and was privileged to serve the UA as a Hearing Officer and as a member of the UA Strategic Planning Committee, Travel Card Committee and the UA Laws Committee.

Eric lives with his wife in New Jersey.

Nafeeza Ramlochan

Director of Operations and Organizational Development
United Association
National Pension Fund
103 Oronoco Street Alexandria, VA 22314

Nafeeza joined the Fund office in April 2019 in the role of Director of Operations & Organizational Development, as a strategic partner on the executive leadership team. She directs operational strategies and planning, oversees the day to day operations of the organization and spearheads innovative enhancements to allow the Fund office employees to better support and serve our Participants.

Nafeeza brings to this role 17 years of experience in leadership and finance, most recently as Director of Finance, where she was the recipient of multiple organizational awards and accolades. In addition, her unusual educational background in psychology and business results in a holistic approach to leadership. Her belief that organizational culture is the key to prosperous employees, which translates into excellence in customer service, is at the core of her leadership style.

Raised in Alexandria, VA, Nafeeza is a proud graduate of George Mason University. When she isn’t working, she enjoys being outdoors, cooking for her family and friends, and listening to music from all corners of the world.

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