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United Association National Pension Fund
103 Oronoco St.
Alexandria, VA 22314


Toll Free – 800.638.7442
Local – 703.739.9020
Spanish – 800.638.7442 ext. 93333



Direct contacts to help answer your questions:

Participants receiving a monthly pension benefit that have questions on the following:

  • Verification of Income
  • Letter Lost, Stolen or Stale Pension Check
  • Tax Withholding
  • Direct Deposit
  • Address Changes
  • Power of Attorney for Participant


Contact: or at ext. 4738


Questions regarding:

  • Employer Contributions including Remittance Reports
  • Contribution Rate Changes
  • Employer Refunds
  • Overage/Shortage Letters
  • Member Inquiries for missing hours from the most recent 2-year period


Contact our Contributions Department. Your exact contact is based on your local union.

Local Name Contact Info
1, 598, C250
Greg Claassen or call ext. 4603
PEERS HelpDesk or call ext. 3340
Barbara Shamley
ShamleyB@uanpf.orgor call ext. 4371
Antonie Clark-Watson or call ext. 4459
52-131, 353
Paul Rickenbaker or call ext. 4397
Sharon Boggs or call ext. 4394
189-286 & 671-760
Jason Hunt or call ext. 4392
290-344, 733, & P010, WTDC, D011, GCDC
PEERS HelpDesk
PEERSHelpDesk@uanpf.orgor call ext. 3340
350, 354, 455-529, 776 & F441, L441, T441, W441
Kiana Gaillard or call ext. 4321
367-452, M421, N421
Andrew Robertson or call ext. 4606
533-597, 601-653 & 777- 803
Kiven Robinson or call ext. 4440
DC16 & Adjustments
Sandy Savia or call ext. 4398

Owner Participation and International Training Fund
Contact Ruth Fultz in our Contributions Department at or call ext. 4602

Employer Withdrawal Liability
Contact Toria Smith in our Contributions Department at or call ext. 4462

Electronic Remitting of Employer Hours/PEERS
Contact the PEERS Helpdesk at or call ext. 3340

Delinquent Employer Contributions; Member Inquiries for missing hours that are more than 2 years old.

Contact our Delinquency Department, your exact contact will be determined by your Local Union Number.

Local Name Contact Info
1-7, C250, DC16
Cindy Cranford or call ext. 4313
8-94, D011, P010
Tamara Myers or call ext. 4320
99-286, 295 - 354
Karen Murphy or call ext. 4683
290, 366-823, GCDC, F441, L441, M421, N421, T441, W441, WTDC
Lauren Goodman or call ext. 4412

Employer Field Audits

Contact Toria Smith at or call ext. 4462

  • Reciprocal Disbursements
  • Reciprocal Remittances
  • Reciprocal Agreements and how they impact a Member’s Pension when he Travels
  • Member Reciprocal Inquiries


Contact our Reciprocity Group, your exact contact will be determined by your last name.

Last Name Name Contact Info
William Lewis or call ext. 4486
John Crumley or call ext. 4651
Luz Romero
Marianella Youhouse or call ext. 4384
Darlene Plumb or call ext. 4383

New Participants and Address Changes
Contact Naketa Mosley: or call ext. 4456

Application for Retirement, Calculation of benefit questions, and Death reporting for non-Pensioner/Retirees
Contact our Benefit Determination Group: ext. 4726

Pension estimates, Divorce, Appeals, and other Inquiries relating to eligibility or vesting status
Contact our Pension Services Group: ext. 4729

Election form questions, Returning to work, Death reporting for Retirees and Beneficiaries receiving a benefit
Contact our Pension Payment Group: ext. 4727

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