United Association National Pension Fund

At the UANPF, we do what is in the best interest of our participants because they deserve it. Built solely on hourly contributions and investment earnings, the UANPF is well-diversified and managed prudently by the Trustees, to maximize returns that will provide our participants with solid benefits. Below you will find direct access to our most commonly requested resources.

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UA National Pension Fund History

UA National Pension Fund History

Established in 1968, the United Association National Pension Fund (UANPF) provides secure and safe retirement benefits for hard working employees represented by the United Association or a UA local union. As a multiemployer pension fund, employers make contributions on behalf of their employees, which provides a defined retirement benefit to those eligible. As one of the largest multiemployer pension plans in the country, the UANPF offers participants an important component of a financially stable retirement plan for themselves and their families.

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